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Friday, 11 October 2013

Schedule Change

From: ABA Gillian []
Sent: October-11-13 2:45 PM
To: Mike Johns
Subject: FW: Riverbender CX - Schedule Change

Hello Racers,

  There has been a change to the event schedule for Riverbender Cyclcross Saturday, Oct 12, 2013. While this doesn’t affect many of you, please be sure to read the revised schedule and know your start time.

License check opens
9:45 – 10:20
Course open for warm-up
Sport Men start – 40 minute race
Novice Men start – 40 minute race
Expert start – 50 minute race
Open Women start – 40 minute race
Sport Women start – 40 minute race
Open Men – 60 minute race

Awards asap following each category!
Call-ups will be done 5 min before start.

Results will continue to have Novice and Sport separated for points & prizing. Tech Guide is available here.

Enjoy an extra hour of sleep!

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  1. Photos of the women's race is at
    Please email or pm me if you want the original digital file to print. It's free! Buy me a beer if you like it, or if underage, get a chocolate bar.

    Bill Quinney